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Dropbox alternatives for the enterprise IT

December 3, 2013 |

The popularity of easy of use cloud storage services like Dropbox to cause IT decision makers quite a headache. Withal, the market already offers enterprise ready solutions. This article introduces cloud services for the professional use. Dropbox drives shadow IT Dropbox has driven cloud storage services into the enterprise. The fandom of the US provider […]

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Criteria for selecting a cloud storage provider

November 26, 2013 |

Who is searching for secure and enterprise ready options for Dropbox should have a closer look to the vendors. The quest for a cloud storage vendor depends in most cases on the individual requirements. These decision makers previously need to debate and define. In particular, this includes classifying the data. Here is defined which data […]

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Nirvanix. A living hell. Why multi-cloud matters.

October 11, 2013 |

One or two will certainly have heard of it. Nirvanix has oneself transported to the afterlife. The enterprise cloud storage service, which had a wide cooperation with IBM, on September 16, 2013 suddenly announced its closure and initially granted its existing customers a period of two weeks to migrate their data. The period has been […]

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Cloud storage Box could become a threat for Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive

August 23, 2013 |

To become more attractive for private users and small businesses, the cloud storage provider Box has expanded its pricing model. Immediately in addition to the existing plans for private, business and enterprise customers a Starter plan can be selected as well, which is interesting for both small businesses and freelancers as well as private customers. […]

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